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I'm finally learning that not everything has to be an existential crisis.

I’m finally learning that not everything has to be an existential crisis. It’s good to be thoughtful but not too thoughtful because you run the risk of immobilizing yourself with your thoughts. You can spend your whole life in a state of paranoia. You can reason yourself into submission in order to protect yourself from the real threats that are out there. If you tried hard enough, you could probably fill up the entire Milky Way Galaxy with reasons why you don’t matter, reasons why the things your soul wants to express aren’t valid, reasons why you should stand idly by and let evil do what evil does, reasons why you should accept the lies that we’re inundated with or at least not challenge them out loud, reasons why you should despise yourself and curse the day you were born, reasons why you are undeserving of the fulfilment your life has to offer you, reasons why the calling that you exist to live up to should remain a theoretical thing. (Can you tell that I’ve dealt with all of these thoughts?) But at a certain point, if you really wanna live, you have to propel yourself forward and just trust that the ground won’t crumble beneath you. And even if the ground does crumble beneath you, you have to trust that the fall won’t end you. You have to have faith. I define faith as the difference between falling and flying. They call it a “leap of faith” for a reason. You can’t ease up to it. You just have to leap. I’m thankful for my thoughtfulness. For my ability to see things through a microscope. But I think I’m over being so cerebral that I get in my own way. That being said, I’m ready to start releasing things. My music video + concept single called paradise 1, my album S.I.N. [Act I] and blog posts like this one + social media stuff + more. I think overthinking it all came from fear. I guess what I’m saying is, I’m not gonna let fear immobilize me anymore. I hope the same for you. 

Anyway, Stay tuned.

P.S. Here's snippet of paradise 1.

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