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I started working on SIN. [act I] two years ago. It arose out of a need to express + create + heal + evolve. For me, my evolution and the act of creation move in tandem with one another. This process has changed my life and changed me. I knew going into the process that I would be changed. I was counting on it. I can hear it in those songs. A general discontent with where I was and how I was and who I was. I perceived that I was in prison. A prison that had been built by paradigms of destruction and the unknowing agents of said paradigms. Only recently have I begun to see the extent to which I have fortified that prison with my own energy. That realization and others have come to me lately. I guess I had to go through the process to get here, huh? I remember going into a tailspin after I released my first album. I couldn't handle that feeling of climbing one mountain and finding myself at the foot of another. Now I get it. If I were to put my flag on the mountain peak and give in to the temptation to avoid the difficulties of pursuing my calling, I'd become obsolete and inert or worse, I'd become another weak, sad soul who joins the forces of evil because they'd rather destroy all of creation than climb another mountain. I get it. It's hard to evolve in the first place and (without the right attitude) it can be disheartening to come out of a cocoon as a butterfly only to find you're inside of a much larger cocoon. I choose to see it as an opportunity. As proud as I am of SIN. [act I] + as proud as I am of myself, I'm starting to set my sights on my next project(s) and the next level of my spiritual transformation. I'm learning to simultaneously love myself as I am in any given moment while still holding space for ambition and growth. In the song May This Be Love Jimi Hendrix says "I can see my rainbow calling me." And I can. It's faint and hidden behind clouds but I CAN see my rainbow and I’m lacing up my sneakers so I can chase it. I'm looking forward to new journeys. I'm looking forward to the next mountain. I'm looking forward to freeing myself all over again.



P.S. Just so you know, I’m gonna be talking about act I until act II drops. + I’ve got some more things to show you from this project so, stay tuned.

Photo: Graham Henderson

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