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SHOW TONIGHT at 6:30pm at Campbell Chapel

Updated: May 29, 2021

Damn, y'all. Life has a way of interrupting plans doesn't it? But you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way. The point is this, be fluid. Keep moving. With that in mind, despite pandemic and despite venue change, this show is happening and I'm so excited to see you and perform for you. If you haven't Kaitlyn Williams, you're in for a real treat. A few people have asked "are there tickets?" No but Kaitlyn and I are absolutely accepting donations if you feel led. Payment info below. See you tonight.



*Campbell Chapel AME Church is located at 1500 East 22nd Avenue

Free parking on the street

*Kaitlyn’s payment info:

venmo @KaitlynKdubbsWilliams

Paypal @KaitlynWilliams174

*Joseph’s payment info:

venmo @Joseph-Lamar-True-Form

Paypal @josephlamar

Cash App $JosephLamarTrueForm

*Photo credit Karson Hallaway

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