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SIN. [act I]

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In this universe, Joseph Lamar {he_him_his} comes in many forms. A being that creates across numerous mediums, he is a singer, songwriter, and producer - a creator of narratives and paradox. Joseph’s work unites the cerebral and the visceral, the secular and the spiritual, the micro and the macro. It emerges from the void - an evolving mystery of complex thoughts and theses. 


With SIN. [act I], the first in a series of concept albums both released and forthcoming, Joseph chronicles the journey of He Will Add, a lucid dreamer living in a future dystopia called Eden where citizens are brainwashed into compliance in a dream simulation called The Garden. All is overseen by a god computer known as The OverMind. He Will Add is awakening to the fallacy of this universe, and must liberate his mind before his soul is trapped for eternity. Accompanying films for singles paradise 1 and fear dive deeper into the soul of the piece, adding necessary dimension to the intricacies of this world. 

Creating a mosaic of baroque structures, 808 drops, R&B riffs, industrial beats, distorted vocals, punk sensibilities and choral harmonies - Joseph Lamar bends for no genre. In the song Inner Revolution he writes “Inner revolution, outer rules apply, progress won’t come easy, something has to die...”Joseph Lamar’s music is a transformative experience; a necessity in anyone’s evolution- individual or collective.



1. I am not the subject of my work.

I am the starting point. 


2. I pursue my true form. This journey will stretch beyond my lifespan and

back again. My work is a public travel journal.  


3. I combine various abstractions to

create something greater than

the sum of its parts. 


4. All of my releases will be conceptual. 


5. We are constantly expressing

ourselves. All of our actions (and inactions) are expressions.

Most of the time we express ourselves insincerely and/or without

consideration. In my life and

in my work, I aim to express myself consciously, sincerely,

with intention and without regret. 


6. I choose to EVOLVE.

The alternative is apathy. Inertia. Obsolescence. Extinction.