creator + singer + songwriter + producer + storyteller + observer + genre-fucker + truth teller + truth seeker + sacred heathen +...Joseph is a Hebrew name. It means "he will add." 'Add' as in Contribution. Creation. Synthesis. Integration. Synergy. UNITY. Uniting the cerebral and the visceral, the secular and the spiritual, the micro and the macro. Creating a multiverse, one album at a time. 


1. I am not the subject of my work. I am the starting point. 


2. I pursue my true form. This journey will stretch beyond my lifespan and back again. My work is a public travel journal.  


3. I combine various abstractions to create something greater than the sum of its parts. 


4. All of my releases will be conceptual. 


5. I dress in (mostly) black. Black absorbs all other colors and reflects only itself. 


6. We are constantly expressing ourselves. All of our actions (and inaction) are expressions. Most of the time we express ourselves insincerely and/or without consideration. In my life and in my work I aim to express myself consciously, sincerely, with intention and without regret. 


7. I choose to EVOLVE. The alternative is apathy. Inertia. Obsolescence. Extinction.

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