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SIN. [act I]

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Joseph Lamar is part sage and part space cadet, part cynic and part ingénue, part saint and part heathen. He embodies conflict actively seeking resolution; synthesis giving birth to something uniquely beautiful yet universal. With song, dance and a cinematic imagination, he dramatizes a journey toward spiritual evolution; a journey still en route. If the “post-apocalyptic gospel” of Sin. [Act I] is any indication, he makes a case for the true meaning of the word “apocalypse.” It’s not an end but an awakening; it’s the collapse of paradise and the possibility of something better.


1. I am not the subject of my work.

I am the starting point. 


2. All of my releases will be conceptual. 


3. In my life and in my art, I aim to express myself consciously, sincerely,

with intention and without regret. 


4. I choose to EVOLVE.

The alternative is apathy. Inertia. Obsolescence. Extinction.



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